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Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino

Having the biggest Casino of Northern Cyprus; Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino is at your disposal with poker, bingo, electronic roulette and multigame options in addition to hundreds of newest and state of the art technology slot machines and live game tables that include the most popular roulette and card games.

Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino aims at offering the highest level of quality services to you with its special VIP game area within our casino in addition to restaurant, bar and cafes serving our valued customers, and is one of the biggest and most elite casinos of Cyprus, Europe and Middle East, and ensures a high quality service and entertainment area with its highly competent employees who are experts in their own fields with international experience.

Slot Games

Game machines in our casino are called "Slot Machines". "Slot Game" area is the name given to area with machines in casino. In this area it is possible to play games by buying tokens from the house or opening "Credits" with the help of attendants in return for a cost. The most preferred types of slot machines of the world are as below. What makes us different from our rivals is, the variety of our machines and having the latest state of the art technology games.
This type of slot machines are called reel slots, as they have mechanical "reels" which make payment when symbol combinations in the "paytable" are formed on the lines which are called "paylines", which physically rotate. Our casino includes more than 50 different types of reel slot games and they can be played between 1 and 6 bets, with tokens or credits. The most favorite games are: TripleDiamond, Triole Cash, 10 Times Pay and Pharaoh Gold. Maximum payments vary between 4000 and 50000 credits.
Such slot machines, instead of mechanic reels, use 1 or 2; CRT or LCD displays, therefore they are called "video slot" machines. They include more content when compared to other game types in terms of game features (bonuses, freegame, gamble, jokers and scatter). There are more than 100 types of video slot machines at our casino with 5 to 25 paylines that can be played with 1 - 2100 bets with credit. Maximum payment reaches 3.000.000 credits. Favorite games are: Avalanche of Cash, Sign of Zodiac, Book of Ra, Queen of Hearts, BananasGoBahamas, Sharky and Chigago.
Bingo is a very entertaining and popular game played by people at all ages. It requires almost no skills, it is completely based on luck. But still, it is very important to pay attention to your card. Missing one number on your card makes you unable to get your money although you actually won it. The main rule in this game is, the winning player shall have the last number available on the winning paper.
Bingo cards have little squares on which, as a line, B, I, N, G, O letters are written. Except for "N", there are five numbers under each letter. There is an empty area just in the middle of this special "N" column, on each bingo card. There are 15 possible numbers for each letter. All these 75 numbers are individually written on balls in a large machine. Numbers on the balls, which are randomly thrown upwards, are read one by one.
American Roulette
In today's casinos, players show the most interest to roulette game, which is a live game that can be played by many players at the same time. In roulette game, player tries to guess the next number correctly and make bets in this scope. Player makes the bets on the table and paid for winning bets. It is a game which gives the player a chance to win high amounts very quickly.
Each player uses special roulette chips while playing roulette. Chips have different colors for each player. It is to ensure players can clearly see where they placed their bets during game, to prevent confusion. These chips are converted to cash chips by dealer, when the player wants to leave the table. Players cannot touch the winning bets until payments are finished. Bets are generally made under four categories.
Black Jack
Black Jack game is one of the most popular games that give the highest chance of wining to players, among today's casino games. Player can turn his/her luck positively according to game's development. You have better chance of winning by tracking the game. Black Jack is easy to play, very enjoyable and has only few rules. Although it is easy, it does not only depend on pure luck, but also to game experience.
Value of 10/QUEEN/JACK and KING cards is 10. Value of ACE's count as 1 and 11. Purpose of game is to keep the value of cards close to 21, but less than 21. Because if the number of house is above 21 (toomany) payment is made to all bets regardless of numbers of players. Moreover, blackjack game cannot be played just among the players. Even if there are other players, house plays separately for each box.
Caribbean Stud Poker
It is a very enjoyable live table game prefferred at many casinos throughout the world. Player may receive a high amount of payment at any time with a good card that can be found anytime. Game has easy and understandable rules.
*Game starts when the players place their bets (ANTE). *Five closed cards are given to each player. * Dealer receives five cards, one of which is open. *Players decide to stay in the game or quit. *If the player wants to continue game, they place double of ante bet amount as the second bet (RAISE). *Players make their decisions and dealer opens the cards. Dealer compares the cards with the cards of players, owner of biggest cards wins. Payment is made to players as much as their first bets (ante) the moment dealer opens the pair. If the player wins the hand, payment is made according to cards owned by player in first and second bets...