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Green House Restaurant

Our Green House Restaurant at the northern block / entrance floor is going to be your gathering place with your family and loved ones during breakfast and dinners in addition to its open buffet, in scope of which local and international tastes are offered, where you can experience to the fullest the delight of various cuisines and magnificent delights from the hands of cooks each of which is more skilled than the other.    
Green House Restaurant brignts together unique tastes of world's cuisines, while turning your dinners into an enjoyable experience with its chic decoration. Green House Restaurant is a candidate in becoming the new favorite of connoisseurs of taste with its chic decoration, fast service, large outdoor terrace and scenery, and also offers A la carte service to its visitors.

Babaçakka Restaurant

Babaçakka Fisher's Tavern at northern block's entrance floor is an "a la carte restaurant" where you can taste the most delicious and tasteful daily fish from the Mediterranean in company with live music. A magnifient scenery accompanies unique tastes of Mediterranean cuisine at the restaurant, which can host 100 people. It is at your disposal with its summer and winter places everyday except for Mondays, between 19.00 - 24.00.

Babaçakka, whose real name was Ramadan, was born in 1905 at Podimo (Mersunikya) village of Baf district. His father was a goat shepherd, therefore he worked as a shepherd for a while at small age. Meanwhile he learned how to play violin. He also become interested in fishing. He worked as fisherman since he was 17 years old. He joined the Second World War at the side of English army and battled against Germans. He become known as a benevolent persone and fisherman during the war, therefore he was given the nickname of "BABAÇAKKA" which means biggest friend and sailor. He later adopted this nickname as surname.

He earned his living by selling the fishes he caught at night, to fish restaurants. Babaçakka loved alcohol very much, and opened a fisher restaurant in 1970 with the name Bafta “Çakka” tavern, and earned his living by selling the fish he caught at that restaurant until 1974.
He sold fish at the restaurant he worked, while at the same time he organized tavern type entertainments by playing violin. He came to Kyrenia after 1974 and continued his fisherman profession here. He died in 1990. His children are still working as fishermen. He never had money, but he had a heart of gold.

We are here with you to make sure Babaçakka name created with passion lives, and to beatify his name while sipping our drinks, to make a memory from Cyprus history live again, with same passion and enjoyment.

Snack Bar

What about testing the tastes of snacks and appetizers at the seaside, in front of turquouise colored sea by feeling the breezy air that scatter the draining summer temperature? Snack Bar just next to outdoor pool within the body of “Jasmine Court Hotel&Casino” is going to double your swimming pool enjoyment with its appetizer tastes and drinks. Without a doubt, your taste stop at noon will be Snack bar.  

The only thing you need to do is to place an order from the menu which has rich varieties. Just leave the rest to us.
You can find all domestic and foreign drinks at our bar, which also offers services in summer season. It serves between 10:00 and 19:00 hours.